Days at the Lakes

We said “hello” to the lake once again. Back in New Hampshire, I’m home again. This year’s visit to the White Mountains and the Lakes Region has its differences. We traveled nine hours today pulling MidLife Cri-seas. Getting up at 4:40 a.m. was no problem considering I spent the evening before watching the Phillies beat the snot out of those NY Mets. The best part was spending time with my brother. It was a great start to this fabulous time with family and friends that is ahead.

Back to this outstanding sunset I’m watching from the screened porch at our vacation house on Danforth Bay, a stretch of Lake Ossipee. We put the boat in the lake from the ramp at Camp Robin Hood, which was practically effortless (or at least Doug made it look that way).

After our first NH meal, getting the

Launching the boat at Camp Robin Hood - Doug & Adam

Sunset on Danforth Bay - Day 1

boat in the water up here is icing on the cake that Doug started last October when he bought the boat. To be up here with our own boat to spend hours exploring on the water and just hanging out has been the goal. We plan to take Adam and his fellow Saxons out for rides over the next couple of days.

For now, unpacking is nearly finished. I just watched a speedboat and water skier fly by on the water as the last of today’s sun dips behind Mount Mary across Danforth Bay. Time to watch more Phillies-Mets (Oh – I DID get an MLB-TV subscription so I don’t miss too much Phillies action.)

Re-adjusting the reinventing plan.

A wise friend of mine has told me more than once, that while I’m in transition, think about doing something that makes me really happy. Great thought, but figuring out what I want to do that I can make a living at these days, is not an easy proposition. The journey includes good days and downright dreary days. The other night I headed into center city for an event where I could do a little networking. A few people I’ve known for some time as business associates gave me “the face.” They cock their head a little to one side and say with a serious face, “So, how ‘ya doin‘?” Please don’t give me “the face.” I’m fine, thanks very much. I sure have been better. Then they go on to talk about how busy, busy, busy they are. That’s wonderful. Now, how can I find some of THAT!
Here’s the plan: I’m on a two-week jaunt to reach out for any opportunities that might be plausible. I’m going to a networking event and have signed up for a “starting-a-business” seminar. I’ve applied for a few more positions I found and have sent some emails to people I needed to catch up with. Then, I’m going to breathe. The gym gives me sanity and health. Summertime can make be feel good. My son turns 15 soon and he has a summer to enjoy. I want to enjoy some time with my husband and son. I’ll continue tapping into various resources and people who are supportive and helpful in this journey and will continue freelance opportunities, but I now need to give my head and heart a break. I get depressed reading about how the economy is depressing. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The “front” I put on is also distressing. It’s time to remember what my wise friend has said: Be happy.