21 Days – Update

January 21st is less than a week away. Are you keeping up with whatever you resolved to do at the start of the New Year? I have not divulged what I hoped to accomplish in 2013, but so far, so good. I mentioned in the first “21 Days” blog that the gym is always crowded right after the new year. For the first year, that is not the case. In fact, it appears there are fewer people at my gym. though my husband has stepped up his gym activity, it

Photo credit: Future Fitness

Photo credit: Future Fitness

seems during the morning hours when I go to the gym, there are fewer people than there were at any time last year. I seem to see the same faces. I’m wondering if the gym is seeing that spurt of New Year’s workout folks in the afternoon or evenings. It does seem the gym is much more crowded on Saturdays when the weekend warriors come out and try to get a week’s worth of activity in 90 minutes.

It’s all about commitment. There will never be a magic pill to lose weight or get in shape. It’s all about approaching every day resolving to not over indulge, eat the proper portions of foods – even the fattening foods; don’t deprive yourself; stay active by getting off that couch, then regroup when you do fall off your commitment. It’s never too late to get started on your first 21 days.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Until you eat a well-balanced breakfast regularly, you don’t know how that meal kick-starts your day.

Eating the same breakfast day after day, to me, is like watching the same movie over and over; eventually, it doesn’t do a thing for you no matter how much you liked it the first three or four times. When I worked early mornings, I would make the same yogurt smoothie to drink at my desk. Problem is, my schedule was so screwed up, my metabolism never balanced out. Long story short, a varied breakfast menu and working out at least three times a week has helped me look at balanced meals in a whole new way.

My husband and I are doing something new. When we eat out, we often find one entree we like and split it. The other evening, we ordered a cup of soup, steamed little neck clams and the broiled seafood platter. So many times that’s what one person orders. We ordered that for two and it was perfect.

Today at a local restaurant known for its huge breakfast portions and a choice of 200 omelet, I resisted temptation and stuck with a salad topped with a huge scoop of chicken salad. While that chicken salad was probably not so calorie-friendly, it was a lot better than the two to three-person-sized omelets that most people were downing as a single serving. Yikes!

So, think about those restaurant portions and what you really want to eat.

Summer Adventures -(or how to lose more than 2 pounds in a week)

More than likely, you can’t lose 2.4 pounds in a week without really trying, but it IS a great feat to accomplish in the middle of a holiday weekend. All I can say is – go to the gym – faithfully and eat oatmeal! Other than that, I’m shocked the scale told the story of a wonderful holiday weekend and week.

Our visit to Chesapeake Bay and the North East, Maryland area was outstanding. The joy in Doug’s face as we motored around the head of the Chesapeake and discovered new places to explore was inspiring. We anchored for a few hours around a small island off Havre de Grace, MD and by the time we pulled up anchor, there were well over 60 boats partying in the afternoon breeze (and it was quite breezy!). We took in the local flavors, enjoying crab cakes and fresh salads and the gracious, almost southern, hospitality.

Doug naps after sailing.

After sweating at the gym early Sunday, we headed to Brigantine. July 4th in Brigantine was a scorcher. Those stuck inland really sweated it out, but the sea breeze brought relief and with that, relaxation. Doug and cousin

A.C. fireworks 2010

Sean got a great sail in on the catamaran. It was a bit rocky for me. Dinner with Sean and Shelley was a comfortable affair with their home cooked turkey breast, fresh corn and salad. We went to Sea Point on the inlet between Brigantine and Atlantic City to watch the fireworks, courtesy of the casinos (glad the gambling profits provide a little “free” enjoyment and recreation for some!). After a night’s sleep, we took a long morning walk on the beach, then headed home to collapse.

The rest of the week has been quite busy with work for my business. Despite a busy work schedule, I managed three mornings at the gym this week and three oatmeal breakfasts. I carefully tracked what I ate this week and even over the holiday weekend so I was very careful. The efforts paid off when I hit the scale after the gym this morning with a 2.4 pound loss from last week. Woo-hoo! While staying physically fit is a major goal, losing some weight is also important to me. I’ve been stuck in a plateau for days, and it’s good to see strong efforts pay off.

Now, staying focused with a fair amount of work ahead and the fall semester at Rutgers closing in, I work toward August vacation. While I’ll have to do some work during the two weeks away, I’ll continue the fitness and health efforts that have been paying off.

Never give up!