The Wolfeboro Project: Journey to Our Happy Place

When you find your happy place, trust your gut and make it happen. It will not be easy.

April 2, 2016

NH-HsHunt_62The fortune in my cookie the other night could be prophetic: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Less than 24 hours later, we received word that our offer on a home we had researched, toured and researched some more in South Wolfeboro, NH, for the past eight weeks, had been accepted. After 30-seconds of hugging and basking in the afterglow of our success, the real work got underway.

Our adventure begins; there is no hurry – nothing is imminent – and as key inspections take place and the mortgage is finalized in the days after that – we could still pass on this house. My instincts have always served me well. As frightening as it is to take on another mortgage – let alone a fixer-upper 350 miles away – in a town where we’ve only vacationed for two weeks at a time – I believe we can live here.

Over the past several years, we’ve considered the Wolfeboro, NH area as a place where we could live from perhaps April or May through November or December. I feel complete and content when I am there. It’s not just a vacation feeling – it’s a place that gets me – and I get it.

What is it about this house? The same feeling you get when you meet ‘the one.’ When I first saw this house on Trulia, the price, then the location struck me – and the view. A year ago, we ‘lost’ a house we adored; we affectionately called it ‘The View.’ Now I am convinced, that was not our house. Even when we toured The View, something nagged at me, “This is not right.” The view from that house was utterly spectacular, but there were quirky things ‘wrong’ with that house. I’m convinced that house would have made us go broke – or we would have always loved the view – and just liked the house.

This house we call ‘Long Stack’ is the one. Excellent bones; great – if not spectacular view of Lake Winnipesaukee and mountains to the north, west and east. There are nearly two acres that will be ours; it’s a corner property on a hill with no lawn to mow; this is a natural landscape.

As I read through the owner’s deed from 1994, it seems the owner had just lost his wife and reverted the property to his name and ultimately a revocable trust. So that prompted me to Google his name. I believe this homeowner also lives in the Orlando area and has worked as a greeter at one of the Disney attractions. I hope to confirm this on or before settlement. I’d really enjoy talking to this man to find out his stories of Long Stack.

For now, I’m enthusiastically loading up my Pinterest page with renovation ideas. We’re thinking practically and know that we want to make this house comfortable, lovely and a happy place that will bring us joy for years to come.

Stay tuned..the journey continues. Here’s a view of Wolfeboro, NH from above, courtesy of Media Wing Marketing.

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