Remembering Dad: A Year Gone By

Frank Jorett, 2006

Frank Jorett, 2006

Dear Dad-
It’s been a year since your journey to a better place began. Every day, we think of you and most times, we shed a tear. No one said adjusting to our world without you would be easy.
In my mind’s eye, I talk with you. I hear your infectious laugh – especially when you tell a joke – and you laugh all the way through the joke. I hear you tell a story from the past; Your incredible memory holds names, dates and places most of us have forgotten or just can’t quite remember.
You wanted to have one more trip on our boat – and you were with us all season this year. You were on Lake Winnepesaukee and Chesapeake Bay. You were with us in Ocean City in June and probably for the first time – you spent all day on the beach and went in the ocean. You went to spring training in Florida with mom and I. You were at the Phillies games despite a disappointing season. I talked to you about each game and heard you offer those Phils advice (they didn’t listen).

Bustleton Swim Club, July 2013

Bustleton Swim Club, July 2013

You were at the swim club under your tree with all your friends and with mom, of course. You were with Steve shopping, at church, at Sandy Cove and all the places you enjoyed with your son.
Every place we go – you are with us. Even if it’s around the dinner table – you are in our hearts and souls. While we can’t see you now, we know you are watching over each of us.
Hundreds came to pay respects last November 2nd and we are still bowled over by that show or love, support and remembrance.
This year has passed quickly – as most years do once you get to be of a certain age. We know you want us to be happy and live our lives with joy and verve. It’s a little more difficult without you here to share our lives. We move forward with your zest for life in mind – every day.
OceanCityJune07_02We know you’re happy that mom is so very busy with her new normal. Her friends are always around; Steve and I visit with her and talk with her often. We’re helping her – and she is helping us with her love and support.
We hope you are resting well and being the social butterfly you always have been. Keep playing cards and bingo with your pals; keep watch over us all and know every day you are in our hearts.

We love you and miss you.
Brenda Jorett Breskin
– and our family
Nancy Jorett
Stephen Jorett
Sue Jorett
Doug Breskin
Adam Breskin
Rob Jorett & Bonnie Taggert
Mike Jorett & great-granddaughter Fiona
– and your many friends, extended family, Philadelphia Fire Department colleagues, Aritsans, Bustleton Swim Club, church, FOP apartment residents and staff, and so many more people whose lives you touched.

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