What’s In It For Me?

What’s in it for me? That is the question your clients and customers ask every time you push out a new product or service. Your content details the ABCs of that new product or service; and you want customers and clients to know YOU are the best at delivering the goods. But – what is in it for the customer or client? Why should they choose your business over other businesses?

Part of public relations is being able to express to the client what the public wants; what will the public ask about your product or service? What do they need from your product or service? This is a difficult task since every client wants their PR person to help sell your products and services without question.

Often, a PR person will help you to see the customer or client’s perspective. Your PR person is a consumer and often has an educated view as a public consumer. Recently,  a client had an industrial accident on site. The business owner said, “We don’t need to say anything because the accident involved our sub-contractor.” If the PR person did NOT point out that the public will indeed see the accident as involving this particular business, he or she would be seriously wrong. there were media inquires and the response was “the police are investigating.” In the end, the client realized they should have had a better response prepared for the media calls that came in. Fortunately, there was no lasting media attention to the incident. The results could have been much different.

When it comes to allowing your PR person to explain the views of consumers – listen and learn. That person offers you the up-close-and-personal view of your product or service that can help better mold your message. Your message can focus on benefits to the consumer or client which can help your business image come across as more consumer-focused instead of only being focused on profits. 

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