Everyone Gets Carded (or find something to laugh about)

IMG_4377There is still a big market for fake IDs. You hear college-aged students talking about it; this was something I never delved into. Either I got carded at an establishment and did not indulge in adult beverages or I managed to pass for the drinking age. For a short period in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the drinking age was lowered to 18, and that allowed me to legally partake in the drink.

When I was an au pair counselor and the under-21 au pairs came to America from countries where you can be weened from a baby bottle and start drinking from an alcohol bottle (ha!), they were shocked they could not legally drink in the U.S. Fake IDs were the norm. Yes, it’s wrong – but it happens.

My dad is recovering from surgery and will need to spend a little time in a rehab facility. The place where he’ll go is just beautiful: private rooms; flat screen TVs; amazing physical therapy and occupational therapy space; friendly, competent staff – everything you hope for during this stressful time for healing.

Following the tour, we were taken back to the lobby area where lo and behold, there’s a bar. It’s called a “club,” and on the face of it looks like any restaurant bar – except that most of the people there are either in wheel chairs or walkers.

This place is also an independent retirement community which includes a health center, so before you think patients are flocking to the bar for happy hour, that is not the case. The punchline came when our admissions guide told us that yes, there is a bar for residents BUT they must have a doctor’s note that ALLOWS them to enjoy a cocktail (or two?).

So, these folks who are generally well over 70 – GET CARDED. Do you think there’s a market for creating fake doctor’s notes for these folks?? Cheers! (Get well soon, dad!)

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