Your Don’t Know What You’ve Lost..Till You Lost It

I lost my cell phone today. Just like many, many people – my life is in my cell phone. Much of what’s in my phone IS recoverable.; even photos. Today I had several important business calls – those all took place via another number. In between, I kept calling my phone hoping some nice person found it and could answer it and save the day. After four rings, samsungphonethe phone went to voice mail. It was very weird hearing my own voice mail message. After a while, the phone went directly to voice mail. The possibilities are:

1. Someone found the phone and turned it off (then did who knows what with it)

2. The phone is out of range

3. The phone – is toast.

VERY long story-short, I suspended service on the lost phone; I have a dumb phone at the moment with my regular cell number and I forked out more than $300 to by new hardware. If the phone arrives tomorrow as was promised, I’ll have to jump through the service provider hoops to again change the hardware assigned to my phone number. Of course then I have to reinstall my emails, all the apps and everything else. I also spent a lot of time late today changing all my passwords – just in case.

There’s still an outside chance someone turned the phone in to lost and found where I think I lost it; but it’s a holiday weekend and the lost and found place won’t be up and running until Tuesday. Who knows, I may have TWO phones by the middle of next week.  I think I’ll velcro the new phone to my recalled hip.