Are You Engaged?

How much time do you spend on your computer? How much of that time is spent looking at web sites, looking for interesting news stories, gossip, other content? For ALL those stories, items, web sites, blogs, that you look at, are you responding in any way? Do you Tweet what you find? Are you posting this content on Facebook? Are you emailing the author?

contentMy unscientific answer is NO – to the last two questions. While you’ll see 22 people ‘liked’ your Facebook status but who cares – really? When it comes to companies, they are trying every way marketers can think of to create content and engage clients, customers and others to find them. Statistics available through Google Analytics, Facebook, a company website can (but not always) show specifics on the audience you are reaching.

The toughest question of all is, how can you turn those people who are stopping by your web site, Facebook business page and Twitter into paying customers? That is the million dollar question. Create good web design, Facebook page, engaging photos and solid writing – and you’ll see more customers. It will take time – months, maybe years – but a stick-to-it work ethic will bring results.