Forever is Not Right Now

Hillary Clinton steps down as Secretary of State Friday. She leaves a legacy as the most traveled secretary of state having logged nearly a million miles (Move over George Clooney in ‘Up In the Air). The pols started talking about a Clinton run for president in 2016 ages ago. Mrs. Clinton is really side-stepping the question as she did today in a global town hall Q&A from the Newseum in Washington. “I am not thinking about anything like that right now,” Clinton said in answer to a young woman in London, adding that, “Right now, I’m not inclined to do that.”

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropMrs. Clinton  says she wants to write another book – I’d love to hear about all the international bloopers that no one talks about; and she wants to catch up on “20 years of sleep deprivation.” That is something MANY people can relate to. Can you imagine spending the equivalent of 86 days flying from place to place and through so many time zones? Getting up at 3 a.m. for eight years and working 4 a.m. to noon was a bear – but at least it was regular hours in the same time zone. I can’t imagine.

Now, Clinton says she didn’t know Super PACs were formed to advance her name in a run for the White House. Me thinks she probably knows all about it. She is a strong woman who has dealt with a philandering (but brilliant) husband; raised a terrific daughter and is as bright as they come. She knows all about the talk and the people backing her.

No matter what Hillary Clinton chooses as her next step – now or in a few years, it would be kind for people to let her rest for a while. She has served our nation well. The least we can do is let her sleep off her weariness let her just be. She’s not saying she’ll never run for president – just not right now. So let’s let her sleep for a few days.

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