The Saga

When you try to get something done, you hope that things go smoothly. Obviously, life throws curves at you all the time. I talked with two lawyers today about my hip replacement recall and what comes next. I have two appointments to meet with the lawyers and decide how to proceed. The one attorney is more experienced in these cases, but he leaves me with more questions than answers. The main problem that I have to wrap my head around is that I probably have to have another surgery – sooner rather than later.

You hear about these cases all the time – but never think you’ll be in the middle of one. I wish I could go back and stop what happened to me in  May 2011 when I had the first replacement. I can’t. now I wish I could just fast forward and have this all be behind me (no pun intended). I can’t. This will be a saga that will be clouding a lot of my life in the next few years. Goodie.

One thought on “The Saga

  1. Brenda, My heart and knees go out to you!! Good luck with it all! We can commisserate as I venture into my world of ACL replacement…X 2!! Im still getting my brain around it too! I dont have the legal issues you have ,( altho Im ticked that D & Q would wax and sharpen my skis and then refuse to adjust my bindings)…but I understand the angst of having to do surgery twice, and its no picnic! Best…


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