Don’t Get Too Happy

This is not a great day. While I am chugging along with numerous work tasks, my mind is clouded by the message from my doctor this morning: my hip replacement will need to be replaced. Last October, I was notified that my device as they call it, was recalled. Yesterday, I received another FedEx package from the manufacturer asking me to sign a release so my medical Hiprecords could be opened to them. All kinds of red flags went up. Among other experts, I phoned my wonderful family doctor of many years, Dr. David Zalut. He called me back this morning. The end result is I will be searching for an attorney – not one of those firms that advertises on TV – to figure out what’s next. Suffices to say, I am very down about the prospect of having to go through this surgery again with potentially even more complications the next time. When things like this happen I can’t help but wonder, are we never supposed to be too happy? When you get too happy, it seems as though both shoes drop at the same time. This will be one heckuva saga in my life.

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