Wild About Harry

Can you imagine having every moment in your life poked and prodded by the media? I’m not talking about the crazies (some of them) who willingly submit to so-called reality television. With instant coverage a given in this tech world, Prince Harry is among one of the most-watched people in the world. Why? He’s 28; he’s a royal; people love to be voyeurs – pick your poison.

Prince Harry is ending his deployment to Afghanistan and the media was allowed to trail him for a bit. What you see and hear is a man who has grown up in the spotlight, and clearly does not like it. He’s been captured in Las Vegas with his pants down – literally and in other locales doing, well, what many 20-somethings do – having fun. Yes, he can be reckless, but thisPrince Harry makes a pre-flight check is the time when you are supposed to test the limits – within reason. There’s a great line from the fun chick-flick “Sex in the City.” Carrie tells her assistant, Louise, “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons; your 40s are to pay for the drinks.” So true.

Now, Harry will return to his buttoned-down royal duties. And despite his disdain for the media and his fervent wish that the cameras would just all magically break when they get pointed at him, he’ll be relentlessly pursued by the media as he continues his bachelor ways. You can only wonder, what would Princess Diana think about how her boys have turned out and the media frenzy that can surround them. Unfortunately, she lost her life in that frenzy, something her sons have to live with and cope with daily.

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