Is Washington Boring?

I saw an interview with Sally Quinn of the Washington Post the other day. On the eve of President Obama’s second inauguration, she was quizzed about what the second inaugural would be like. Ms. Quinn all but called the president and first lady – boring. She went on about how past presidents have always entertained at the White House and basically said the 21inaugural_5-articleLargeObama’s entertain – no one except a small circle of FOP’s (friends of the president). This is the Sally Quinn who pounced on President George W. Bush for his extravagant inauguration in 2005 when $40 million was being spent as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were firing on all cylinders.

She went on about how the Ws entertained, even though the president would go to bed at 9:30 p.m.; how the Clinton’s partied with hundreds in tents on the White House lawn.

Folks, the Obama’s have two growing daughters and a grandma who lives with them in the family quarters. The president and first lady are arguably among the most photographed and reported on people in the world. Could you imagine the push back if the two of them partied like it was 1999?

It’s not enough that everything the first lady does – what she wears, who she wears, what Sasha and Malia wear get reported on. Now, there are critics practically calling the First Family boring. Sally Quinn said there is NO social life in Washington. Well, perhaps lawmakers, lobbyists, PR people, writers and all the people who are working in and around the U.S. government have a lot of work to do.

This second inauguration is a more low-key event; two inaugural balls and a concert for the children of military service people and probably many other private parties is quite enough, thank you. The wounds of Newtown, those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, effects of the economy and so many other problems in our nation and world leads many to think that a subdued inauguration is called for this year.

Being President of the United States has to be the hardest job in the world. All eyes are on this person for as long as he holds office. As for this president and his wife, they are being strong parents for their daughters and practicing at their temporary home, what so many other families should do – spend their rare free time with their family and be good examples for their children.

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