When In Doubt…Re-Boot

How many times do you start and stop…then try to re-start something in a day? Technology has pushed us to a place where we expect everything to be in place when we want it; our brains demand that because we often speed ahead before we are physically ready to do something. When things don’t go right, our brain hiccups. We’re frustrated. We then forget what we started to do…what was I talking about?

The worst is when I have a string of errands to do. I make a list of places I need to go; what I need when I get there; all put in the order in which I will run those errands. (Part of that comes from my need to be efficient and not waste gas and time.) You can guess what happens next: I forget the list.

You may ask, “Why don’t you write the list in your calendar in your smart phone or in some handy application?” Well, I do manage my grocery list in the handy ‘To Market’ app. But often putting pen to paper is a way for me to mentally own what I need to do and the way I’ll need to travel to get to all those errands and back.

IMG_0170I digress. Amazingly, even when I forget that piece of paper that meticulously spells out my morning or afternoon, I remember just about everything anyway. During Christmas preparations, I got all the way to December 23rd before I realized I needed to make a list of day-to-day tasks that would lead to Christmas dinner with the family. Thank goodness! Unlike my computer, there is no button to reboot my brain. Remembering each task and the order in which everything needed to be done was impossible. Organizing what had to be made when and what went into the oven or out of the refrigerator when was crucial to a well-planned Christmas dinner. Some how, each dish came out very well and my husband gave me the best compliment of all saying, “This was the best dinner you ever made.” Woo-hoo.

This morning, I booted up the computer for what would end up being a nearly non-stop eight hours of work. My computer would not recognize our internet. So, when in doubt – reboot. Magically, the internet was back up. A client called about an hour into my day; the internet crashed again. Turns out, the little heater I have to warm my office space overloaded the circuit (Doug’s space heater was on as well.). Reboot – and all is well.

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