Why is summer so short?

Just before July 4th and a few weeks after Labor Day, we bask in a time that should be filled with moments we remember for a lifetime. There are vacations we plan for months and day trips and weekends to spend with friends and family. It all goes so very fast.

It seems that July 4th to Labor Day passes by in a flash. The Haddonfield July 4th parade is like many small-town parades: the little ones decorate their bicycles with red, white and blue streamers, the string band plays, the classic cars bring up the rear of this parade and many neighbors get together to present themed displays. The best this year was the Roberts Avenue group. About 20 people were dressed as zombies and did a well-choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The float behind the dancers was a makeshift graveyard with a large tombstone announcing’ 2012 Phillies – RIP.” Sad, but true.

Now is the time when I wish time would just slow down. There are a lot of boating days on the Chesapeake, sailing days off Brigantine and a mini-vacation to enjoy. In a blink, Adam will be packing up for Widener and summers may never be the same. But there are many more summers to enjoy in different ways; there are still so many places to discover and enjoy! Bring it on.

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