The End of an Era

Sports writers and TV sports broadcasters can be so maudlin. When the unfortunate passing of a veteran player happens – no matter what sport, the sportscaster quite sadly and dramatically proclaims, “It’s the end of an era.”

Farewell to campers

Watching Adam bid farewell to the campers he worked with this summer marked the end of one of his eras. After being a camper since the age of 9, this year marked his 8th at Camp Robin Hood. By all accounts, this was his best year yet. He seems to have taken care of himself, he matured and hopefully developed a sense of responsibility when it comes to being a counselor and mentor for the younger campers.Next year he ponders whether he’ll spend a summer as a paid counselor.

As I watched him give hugs to the boys who were half his size, I couldn’t help but wonder if Adam would be so happy some day that I took a couple of photos of this scene. These boys – half his size – will someday be CITs just as he was this summer. He’ll fondly remember the arts and crafts and sports and talent nights he spent with these kids and the boys he bunked with and remember lessons learned; laughs enjoyed and all-nighters spent rapping and sharing.

It is with our favorite, maudlin sportscasters in mind that I proclaim – “It’s the end of an era.”

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