It’s Really January

I’veĀ  always loved the smell of laundry dried outside in the fresh air. Here in the Delaware Valley, we have enjoyed a January warm up. Except for the holiday lights, the outdoor decorations are down. This morning I hung out the laundry to dry and not burn up the gas and electric bill by running the clothes dryer. We got another $400-plus electric/gas bill today, so drying the laundry outside is yet another way to save.

It’s great to see how the neighborhood comes out of hibernation when the days warm up, even if it’s only temporary. Moms and dads push their little ones in strollers. The neighbors across the street (who have three young kids) come outside and rake up the winter debris while the kids get out their bikes. Our neighborhood guy I affectionately call “golf club guy” does his evening walk in the warmer weather. (He walks with a golf club in his hand – always.)

Since my husband is out of the country on business, he has missed this respite from winter. Good thing, since I truly believe he would want to fire up the boat or at least start cleaning it. For now, we have enjoyed sunshine and 50 degree weather. Sunday – rain and January gloom is back.