Birds Bust

McNabb: Is that all there is?

When will the Donovan McNabb era end? Number 5 is now, what, 9 and 7 in post-season play for the Eagles with not much to show for it. Certainly no Superbowl ring. Granted, I’m not one of the rabid, die-hard Eagles fans, but watching that do-or-die game against the Cowboys, should certainly be enough for the rabid, die-hard fans to realize McNabb is past his prime. Late in the game, he was trying to run for the first down when he couldn’t find a receiver (again), and he looked as though he could hardly trot off to the sidelines. There was no effort there. Perhaps he was spent, but he is a professional athlete with top-notch trainers, nutritionists and coaches. He’s been knocked around and hurt so much over the years, it’s time to say, “Thanks, we need a go-getter.” The sportswriters in Philly will have much to opine about. Andy Reid will take most of the blame, but the players are the ones who must execute. Today, all I can say is: 38 days until pitchers and catchers report. Woo-hoo!

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