Bracing for goodbye to the lake

Just as the loons welcomed us back, the clouds are crying as we get ready to venture home from this wonderful place. Intermittent showers this morning, followed by the calm before the storm this afternoon will mark our final full day in NH. This morning, Doug and I ventured to a Barn sale. This family had a wonderful, fairly newly constructed bar, where they laid out their unwanted treasures in a very organized fashion.  Outside as rain fell, there was water sports equipment, boat motors and more. Hanging from the rafters of the barn was the most gorgeous wooden canoe. It was built in 2007, but it will likely last for decades. It was NOT for sale. We picked up a terrific wood, reclining beach chair that seemed virtually new as well as a pair of trekking poles Doug had been wanting.

Tamworth Farmers Market

Tamworth Farmers Market

We then stopped at the Tamworth Farmer’s Market which is there Saturdays from 9-noon. Just terrific to listen to the local people sharing stories of how their week went and seeing return visitors and welcoming new visitors like Doug and I. Doug picked up a homemade cinnamon roll. I bought a photo card after talking with a husband and wife who were also selling their vegetables and flowers. He takes photos of everything including a salamander, every type of wild flower and the NH scenery. We chatted about the NH state “bird,” the mosquitoe, then shared stories about the Brigantine official “bird,” the green head fly.

Simple pleasures; feeding the ducks on Danforth Bay

Simple pleasures; feeding the ducks on Danforth Bay

We also checked out two of three possible rental houses for next year. There is really little doubt we will return. This is our happy place. The sun is out now. The lake calls. A few more strokes in the lake and a drive by Camp Robin Hood filled the day. We stopped at Lobster Quest for three fresh lobster costing just under $21. Good things to come for our last dinner in this place.

Our delicious dinner was followed by a drive on Elm St. Really. The night is pitch dark here. The roads seem to go no where. The boys were telling spooky stories and Doug’s GPS didn’t seem to want to get us to the route 16 Dairy Bar for our last ice cream dessert. Just a few miles out of our way, we found Route 16. My small, sugar free Kahlua Fudge cone was awesome. The boys had their extra thick frappes. Doug watched since he ate his ice cream left from the Sandwich Creamery the other night. Now, it’s time to watch “On Golden Pond.” We get the Hollywood version of Squam and Winnipesaukee Lakes and classic Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda.

Barn sale chair put to good use; we'll be back

Barn sale chair put to good use; we'll be back

We’ll return to this place that brings us such joy and peace. The loons will call us back to the lake. Sweet Dreams from Danforth Bay.

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