There’s nothing like a festival

StrawFest_20090603_01A room filled with people of all ages, talking, eating a simple meal and enjoying each other’s company is one of the finer things in life. Trinity Presbyterian Church’s annual Strawberry Festival in Cherry Hill, NJ has been taking place for years. Many of the same people have organized the event through the Presbyterian Women’s group and others just chime in to help. When the dinner bell rings at 6 p.m., the lineup for grilled hot dogs, a heaping salad bowl, baked beans and oh, that yummy dessert of homemade cakes, juicy, Jersey strawberries and ice cream, brings out the best in everyone. For 90 minutes, the room is buzzing with talk of the summer ahead, children graduating, other children healing from illnesses, a recent death in the church and so much more. For me, this is the true meaning of fellowship. For 90 minutes, it seems there are no problems, StrawFest_20090603_09only the smiles of children getting their faces painted by the senior high group members and the strains of the gorgeous voices of the choir practicing in Fellowship Hall. The PW women and other helpers are like a finely oiled machine, tending to their tasks, smiling and serving the dinner and the lucious dessert. Parents with their little babies, teenagers just hanging out, and long-time church members looked forward to this day. There should be more days like this. I’ll look forward to my hot dog dinner and plate of strawberries this time next year and the year after that.

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