Adam went on his first date. Our 14-year old son, seemingly out of no where, deadpanned the other night,” I want to go to the movies with a friend Saturday night.” I deadpanned back at him, “What’s her name.”
While my husband videotaped what he and my son expected would be a freaked-out reaction, Adam stepped away from the dinner table. It was then I looked at my husband with that, “Oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-he’s-growing-up-so-fast” look. The shock settled into a warm, fuzzy emotion in realizing this day would come. I just didn’t believe Adam was in a place where a “date” was in the picture. What was even more shocking was Adam told us that night he had been “dating” the girl for (exactly) 16 days. He said they decided April 1st, they were “going out.”
Thinking back, I don’t know how much I told my parents about my early “dating” exploits. My husband and are happy Adam apparently felt comfortable telling us about his girlfriend. After meeting the young lady, I remarked to my husband that it seems we are raising him OK. (Big sigh, there.) We couldn’t help but think ahead to the inevitable “heartbreak.” To this day, I remember when my 6th grade boyfriend (I was mature for my age) dumped me. I honestly don’t remember the actually dumping, just the hysteria from me that followed and the big “ta-doo” is ingrained in my mind forever. After being surrounded by friends during recess that day, I was taken to Miss Cusack’s office at Rhawnhurst Elementary where I cried some more. Some how I got past Bobby and the dumping incident. There were many other times when I was the dumper and the dumpee, but somehow, when this happens to my son it’ll be different. I’m guessing a text message will be involved from one side or the other. But what will be the same will be tears.
For now, realizing our only child is on yet again, another journey I sit back and enjoy and learn from the experience. He’ll be 15 years old soon and as with any birthday comes another set of growing pains. We keep saying we’ll only have Adam around full time for a short while longer. Embracing each step along the way is a joy to behold in this thing we call parenthood.

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