Is anybody out there?

What did we do before cell phones, text messages and emails? The answer is simple: we had actual face-to-face contact with people! I believe many of us are becoming socially deprived. While many people in the business world do have many opportunities to meet and greet and have face-to-face meetings, so many others hardly ever talk to a person. I looked in my email “deleted” folder today, I have more than 500 messages in there. Of course, lots of it is “junk” and I’ll purge the folder of those emails, but I think about all the people I haven’t actually spoken with in months. That has changed as I am in this new phase of my life. I am enjoying getting out in the city, meeting people for coffee, tea or lunch and talking about life. It is a wonderful feeling to sit down, if only for half an hour or so and make eye contact with a person you have known for years personally or professionally and just take a moment to enjoy their company.

I had lunch today with Jack, a dear friend from high school. We reconnected several years ago during the planning phase of a reunion through another dear friend, Marc. We talked of jobs and the jobless, his successful company and expertise, his family, mutual friends and went through the “whatever-happened-to” conversation. Yes, I handed him a business card he said he’d give to someone in his office building who we both know, who might be interested in getting in touch with me. Of course, I’ll follow up, but the point is: taking the time to reconnect with old friends when sometimes all you want to do is pull the covers over your head, can be just the lift you need. This has turned out to be one of the good days in this journey. I’m learning quickly to capitalize on these good days and be thankful. That, despite the fact that when I went out to my car after lunch, the Philadelphia Parking Authority guy was just printing out an expired meter ticket. At least THAT young man HAS a job! All we can do is laugh.

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