Retrain your Brain

When the light bulb (or CFL if you want to be environmentally correct) brightened for me when I joined the Weight Watchers program some years back, I learned that in order to lose the 30-something pounds, I had to retrain my brain..FOREVER. I had to eat differently; find nutritious and better choices and understand how I got there in the first place. During this job seeking journey as I answer “What’s Next,” I’m retraining my brain concerning my career. Perhaps it’s an overused cliche, but it is quite true: think outside the box. Several people have suggested to me that looking for a job that really makes you happy, is a number one priority. The economy got where it is today because of pushing and shoving to earn more, live larger and put yourself through so much stress your head feels as if it’ll explode. One person in the know asked, “Do you REALLY need a job right away, or can you take the time to find what you REALLY WANT?” I had my “Ah-ha” moment recently and opted for choice number two. Now, patience can be the devil in disguise, but I am determined to serve, bring people together for a common cause or goal and really help others through my position. Aren’t you exhausted listening to people argue points when they ultimately want the same thing? Are you tired of people pressing their point so hard that they can’t even begin to hear what others are saying? My skills in listening and analyzing, helping people understand the goals and interpreting and explaining what other people are saying, can help me in my quest for that job with an organization. Instead of seeing myself in just one mold, I am working to remold myself. I may have to take another class or two and read some books, but the important thing is my wide network of contacts will start to hear me and see me in a different light. Let’s see how the new more turns out.

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