Life is a circle–look all around

You never know where you’ll get a job lead. Today, at a memorial service (seriously) I handed out a business card. You had to know my neighbor who passed away. He was a barrel of laughs. Harrison had a sarcastic wit that would make you roll for hours. At the age of 86 and after a long fight, his body just gave out. His family gave him a sendoff that I’m sure Harrison watched from above and enjoyed completely. I even left him a scotch and rocks on his memorial table, just for him to “enjoy.” I digress. There I was, enjoying talking about family, friends and neighbors with the invited guests and a man who used to live across the street from my house starts talking about a board he serves on for an organization I truly believe in. I start chatting and asking questions. Somehow it did get mentioned I was in transition in my career and he starts mentioning people I should contact. Then he asks me for my card so he can call a couple of people on my behalf. Goodness, wouldn’t it be ironic if I ended up with a position after attending the memorial service for my wonderful neighbor? Whether the lead pans out, it just goes to show you: while your job search is underway, never underestimate any situation you are in during your daily life. Being a trained observer my entire professional life has led me to be always looking at life 360°. Life is indeed a circle.

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