It’s all about ME

The most uncomfortable part of the next journey I’m embroiled in is talking about myself. “I think” this and “I want” that. I have spent my career mainly listening to people, asking them questions, interpreting their answers and writing stories about issues, people and situations. My whole approach to news has been, “How does this story affect YOU the listener/viewer?” Now, clearly moving away from broadcasting at the moment, I have to focus on what it is I want to be in this next phase of my life. All of the people I’ve been meeting with over the past weeks have asked me the same thing, “What do you want to do?” Finding the inspiration to dig deep within myself to answer that question is where I am at today. My answer so far is simple: I want to serve the community, somehow make a difference in lives within that community and be HAPPY doing it.
I’m fortunate to have a husband who is gainfully employed, so we are not on the brink of financial disaster. I have the luxury of time which can be a double-edged sword. The longer you are out of the game, the rustier you get. So I keep meeting with the many people with whom I’ve come to know over these many years in the professional world. I say “yes” to networking events. My church has a new group, “Jobseekers” with people in the same boat; I’ll network from them.
What about applying for jobs? Oh, the list is growing. If I’m lucky, I apply for a job online and at the same time, know someone within the organization so I don’t have my online application ending up in cyberspace. But it’s really a HOOT to get rejected by what I call the “IN-HUMANE Resources” departments of companies and organizations. It’s the 21st century version of the “reject letter.” In an email that is likely computer generated, they praise your resume, but say they are considering other applicants. I was rejected for a position I know I was very well qualified for. But the local company had a parent company located in one of those “square” states in the Midwest, and I was rejected within 24 hours by that “inhumane” resources computer program that scanned my resume and/or cover letter and rejected me on the basis of a few words here and there.
I am a great believer in destiny. Whatever I am destined to do next will be a challenge, hopefully a worthwhile position that will make a difference in other people’s lives as well as fulfilling my own. I continue to listen to other stories and hold on to the optimism within, knowing my next challenge is out there, I just have to seek, find and grab.

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